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Dah Shi Exquisite Stainless Steel Accessories of Handrails / Balustrades /Metal Building Materials

Located in Taiwan since 1973, Dah Shi Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. is a stainless steel metal railing and accessories for pie manufacturer. From stainless steel railings for balcony stairs to metal railing fittings, our one-stop manufacturing includes ultrasonic auto clean machines, CNC machines, bending pipe machines, argon welding machines and so forth.

DAH SHI's stair railing and stainless steel fitting design and manufacturing continuously gaining visibility from worldwide buyers. Granted hundreds cased of patents and possessing over 20 cases of patents within the term of validity, DAH SHI's stainless steel handrail and fittings are produced with professionalism.

DAH SHI has been serving customers high-quality metal railing and pipe accessories, both with advanced technology and 47 years of experience, each client's demands are met.


Being established in 1973, on February 26th., Dah Shi Metal Industrial Co., Ltd., in Nan-Fong street, and 198 sq.m. The main equipments include the machines of making handrail, stamping, oven for painting, and making balustrades. In 1977, we moved our factory to Bai-Pu road, and 330 sq.m. and at the same time we increased the machines of powder electrostatic coating and grinding machine for 6 meters handrail. Until 1983, we extended our factory to Guei Shan Siang, and 2,970 sq.m. and increased the ultrasonic auto clean machine, CNC machine, bending pipe machine, and argon welding machines.

  • Area: 4,686 sq.m
  • Location: Tao-Yuan Sien, Taiwan
  • Equipment:
    • Ultrasonic auto clean machine.
    • CNC machine / Automatic lathe machine.
    • Making handrail and bending pipe machine.
    • The 200 degree oven for painting.
  • Product Lines:
    • Stainless steel fittings for round pipe.
    • Accessories of handrails and balustrades.
    • Metal building materials.